Job Description

Main Purpose: Carry out all activities related to the entry of medical data into the mission database, according to MSF protocols, and maintain confidentiality, in order to have reliable and up-to-date information. Accountabilities: ● Enter medical data (e.g. patient data, dates of visit, the content of prescription, viral load, etc.) in the mission’s database on a regular basis and according to MSF protocols. ● Participate in the compilation of data both from MSF structures and from collaborating health facilities. ● Participate in the search for missing data. ● Update files of existing patients and make any corrections needed. ● Make regular back-ups of all data processed. ● Look after all equipment provided and keep the recording area clean and tidy, giving special importance to all patient files. ● Report any issue concerning data management to a superior. ● Elaborate statistical reports when required by the medical team. ● Ensure, promote and maintain confidentiality regarding all information registered. MSF Section/Context-Specific Accountabilities: ● Participate in training and meetings. ● Ensure the quality of data flow corresponding to the MSF protocols and standards (from the activity until the cross-check of data in DHIS). ● Collaborate with the medical and paramedical staff to ensure quality data gathering. In case of need, propose training to staff regarding data collection. The tasks above are not exhaustive regarding the specificity of MSF and possible evolution that could occur over time through adaptation of the mission. Consequently, other tasks can be asked to allow the mission to function optimally. The deadline for submitting CVs is 11/02/2023.


● Secondary education essential. ● Experience is not required. ● Local language essential; English language essential. ● Able to learn and use software used for recording (i.e. Fuchia, EpiInfo, etc.). ● Essential computer literacy (Word, and Excel). ● Teamwork skills. ● Commitment. ● Flexibility. ● Good communication skills. ● Able to work with multidisciplinary teams in a multicultural context.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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