Customer Service Representative (Call Center) Omid Zharf Negar

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  • Tehran

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Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

- The primary role of a call center staff is to handle all calls from customer and guide them to the true channel to solve their issues either technically or generally. Below key responsibilities are expected to be performed by an ideal candidate: - Handling all coming calls from customer and treating them at the highest level of politeness to find the appropriate channel to solve their issues. - Raising appropriate initial TTs or help the customer raise TTs whenever necessary. - Pushing the responsible team to solve the customer's issue and receiving feedback from them until their problem is solved. - Call center staff is our closest staff to the customer in the first contact and must have moral and tackling capabilities to satisfy our customer.


The ideal candidate must meet the following criteria: - Ability to work at flexible hours based on day and night shifts. - Ability to show good team work skills and good sense of solution providing. - Ability to show quick and on time reaction under the pressure of rush time. - Capable to work 24/7/365. Education: The ideal candidate must meet below criteria: - At least completed Diploma or any college degrees. - Having technical experience especially in telecom field or having passed certificates like CCNA and etc. or even technical university degrees are plus points and preferred.