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Job Description

- Prepares and posts accounting entries in the accounting software on a regular basis. -Ensures accuracy and completeness of accounting transactions in accordance with financial procedures. -Ensures that operations run smoothly through efficient cash-flow management, covering the fund needs of the delegation. -Keeps files up to date at all times and guarantees proper filing of relevant supporting documents for future reference, including audits. -Performs regular integrity checks of accounting entries and account balances. -Provides support to other departments and responds to semi-routine and non-standard inquiries when necessary. -Supports the Cashier. -Identifies anomalies or other issues and proposes solutions to his/her supervisor.


-Bachelor's degree or equivalent advanced technical certificate. -Fluent spoken and written in Farsi, and English. -Computer proficiency and ability on software. -Sound knowledge of accounting software. -4 years’ experience in the same field of activity. -Good analytical skills, able to work towards tight deadlines. -Previous working experience with international or local humanitarian organizations is an asset.