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Business Support Manager

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Job Description

The position holder is responsible for all business support matters including administration, logistics, liaison with government and authorities all expat related matters, internal and external communication as well as to provide support to GM in all internal and external matters. In addition the position holder will act as Deputy to the General Manager as long as there is no Finance Manager resident in Iran. Manage the administration staff and manage the communication and on behalf of OMV Print Upstream GmbH in order to establish, maintain and improve relations with Government, NIOC and Subsidiaries, Partners and various national and regional organizations/institutions. From these relations he/she provides required political and institutional advices to the General Manager to establish new business in Iran. Key responsibilities: 1. Coordination: Support and manage the necessary coordination for coherence of the activities implemented in Iran with a) the internal policy and core values of OMV Iran, b) with the applicable laws and regulations in Iran and c) with various contracts/agreements signed by OMV Iran with other parties. For this purpose, the Resident Representative is supposed to: - Manage and facilitate periodic internal coordination and planning meetings at the level of the branch of OMV in Iran - Participate actively in various sessions of coordination and planning of activities with other organizations (…) 2. Liaison and institutional relations: The Business Support Manager/Office Representative is responsible for adequate liaison and representation of the branch office in order to maintain and/or improve relations with governmental institutions, partner organizations and any stakeholders. Thus, the position holder is supposed to liaise with: - Governmental institutions - Professional Association of the Upstream Oil Companies of Iran - Authorities - NIOC and local companies - Custom, police & security forces - Stakeholders 3. Internal and External Communications: he facilitates internal and external communications in term of quality and timing. Consequently, he has the obligation to: - Communicate all activities of OMV in Iran - Ensure good circulation of information within the team of OMV - Maintain fluent and quality communication with all local stakeholders of OMV Resources’ project in Iran; keep informed about the evolvement of the situation and the realities in Iran and report on time key information to the General Manager 4. Reporting: The position holder in the exercise of his/her function has the obligation of reporting towards his own supervisor (General Manager) and local institutions in the absence of the GM. For this purpose, he/she is responsible for: - Keeping the General Manager updated on the situation of the activities in Iran - Any periodic reports prepared by OMV management team - Drafting the minutes of the meetings of the various meetings to be signed by the participants 5. Management of administrational duties: the position holder should ensure the proper performance of all administrational duties related to: - Office services including reception desk - Management of visitors (transportation, accommodation, travel assistance, ..) - Travel Management - Visa matters (for visitors and employees) - Expat related services (permits, document managing/filing, housing, accommodation …) - Company registration, permissions and licenses for the office/entities together with legal - Cover/manage PRO related activities - Develop and maintain BO / office location related policies and workflows 6. Management of Logistics: the position holder should ensure proper performance regarding logistic matters as: - Management of drivers - Management of Car Pool and Company Cars - Maintenance and insurance matters - Potentially organize / oversee operational warehouse and logistics activities in country 7. Authority Level: the in case of absence of GM and resident Finance Manager Business Support Manager will act as Office Representative and through a power given by the General Manager is authorized to sign certain administrative documents related to the activities of the branch office of OMV in Iran 8. HSSE: Be responsible for health, safety, security and protection of the environment at the workplace, participate in HSSE trainings according to your competency maps and actively contribute to integrate HSSE into company culture.


Minimum Requirements Education: University Degree Bachelor Subject of education: Legal/commercial/technical Relevant professional experience: 8-10 years • Knowledge of Iranian oil & gas industry • Familiarity with Iranian administration, rules/regulations and systems • Leadership and team building skills • Strong organizational and time management skills; firmness in implementing and managing programme and internal targets to deadline • Flexibility, creativity and the ability to adapt to a changing and challenging Environment • Confident networker with an ability to read complex political situations • Strong strategic management skills • Strong representational skills including communication and negotiation skills • Strong experience and skills in people management and development together with proven ability in cross cultural management. • Strong command of English and Farsi, German is an asset. • Ability to work in teams and confidence to work alone • Good analytical and reporting capacity