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Automation Engineer ( Content )- isfahan

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Job Description

We're looking for automation/controls engineers interested in developing online video courses in the field of PLC programming and automation engineering. Our company, RealPars, offers online training modules designed to help automation/controls engineers learn the practical skills to land a job in this field or take their career to the next level. To continually expand our vast library, we need new and relevant training modules—so we need automation engineers like you to help us with creating new video courses. Here is a list of tasks that you will be assigned if you join our team: - Creating the technical storyboards based on the scripts you receive. (Not sure what a storyboard is? Use Google) - Explaining the storyboard to the motion graphic team. - Recording the software environment (STEP 7, TIA Portal and Allen Bradley) based the audio. - Adding new content to the blog (you don' need to write new content. you will be provided with all the materials). - Responding to the customer support emails


Required Skills: - Proven knowledge in your field as a controls engineer (degree/certification, 2+ years of work experience, etc.) - Must have proven experience in PLC programming with Siemens S7-300 and 400 PLCs or Allen-Bradley. - Willing to provide a short storyboard sample based on the script that we send you. - Fluent in English (Listening and writing)