Accounting Specialist - Tabriz Iran Mayeh (Golmayeh)

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  • Azerbaijan, East

      -   Tabriz

Accounting Specialist - Tabriz

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Job Description

- Correct monthly closing as per Group target dates. - Control expenses of each cost center and record needed provisions. - Controlling cost by proper follow up; ensuring receivables are collected on time and payable are paid timely. - Run a series of inventory reports on monthly basis and perform detailed analysis of item performance - Carry out billing, collection activities according to the specific deadlines. - Monitoring customer accounts detail for non-payments, delayed payments and other irregularities - Assets are controlled and all exposures are insured. - Compliance with tax and regulations is essential to this role. - Manage accounting team include Account payable, Account receivable, Inventory controller and General accounting. Reporting to Finance manager Based in Tabriz


- Bachelor or higher degree in finance and accounting - At least 2-year work experience in Accounting (food industry preferred) - Age 24-35 years old. - Fluency in English and Turkish. - Ability to perform in highly stressful conditions and tight deadlines, Team working ability. - Expertise in TAX laws, legal book keeping and tax returns. - Experience in seasonal transactions and VAT reports. - Self-motivated, organized, accurate, good communication skills. - Good knowledge of related software & MS. Office software (word/excel). - Full time working (No other work possibility). - Strong knowledge of financial accounts, contracts and local laws and regulations like VAT, tax.