Accountant Arsheh Jaame Jam

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Posted 12 weeks and 6 Days ago

Job Description

Objective of the role: Accountant for foreign trade department. List of responsibilities: - Receiving invoice - Open account file for each invoice - To follow remittance of the order - Receiving all shipping documents - To follow custom clearance - Calculate the landing cost - Register documents in accounting system. Reporting to: Managing Director. Subordinates: Executive Managers. Length of Probation Period: 1 month. Working hours: 9 AM- 5 AM.


- University Qualifications: Bachelor of accounting, Bachelor of commerce. Other certifications obtained: IELTS or equivalent of 6.0. - Nature and length of previous experience: None. - Specialist knowledge: Financial Analysis ability. - Soft Skills and Personality traits: Good knowledge of Office, able to work with Excel, Fluent English, Team working, Self-motivated.