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Posted 2 days ago

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The objective of the role: In order to establish a quality management system in the organization and ensure uniformity of product quality and production processes and control of all product control parameters during production and in final products in order to increase customer satisfaction with product quality. List of responsibilities: ● Preparation of executive methods and instructions related to the establishment of the quality management system ● Preparation of control plan and product and process standardization documents ● Prepare product and process control checklists ● Product quality control and production processes based on the inspection plan ● Staff training on standardization and quality control of products and production processes ● Confirmation by rejecting products and issuing production and consumption licenses ● Perform all product-related tests. ● Reporting to: Systems Manager. ● Length of probation period: 3 Months. ● Working hours: 8 am-5 pm. ● Gross monthly base salary: Negotiable.


● University qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering or Food Industry. ● Other certifications obtained: ISO 9001 auditor and quality control tools, etc. ● Nature and length of previous experience: 5 years of experience in quality control and quality assurance. ● Specialist knowledge: QC and QA knowledge. ● Soft skills and personality traits: Adaptability.

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  • Full Time