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Job Description

•Managing and supervising the layout design and material flow of the factory and relations between the production, support and headquarters departments.
•Mastering the principles of planning industrial units and infrastructures required by a manufacturing plant
Familiarity with the various production processes in the field of auto parts and the infrastructures required for each process
• Mastering the concept design of halls needed for production, warehouse and administrative, headquarters and support buildings.
• Mastering the design of warehouses for raw, semi-finished and product parts
• Mastering the capacity measurement and estimation of logistics equipment and machinery of warehouses and areas.
•Leading, motivating and supporting the sub-team
• Guiding personnel and subordinates to achieve organizational goals
• Full familiarity with the management process of construction projects
• Supervision of the good implementation of instructions, implementation methods and standards
• High ability to communicate
• Ability to manage internal and external conflicts
• The ability to employ talented forces in operational teams
• Determining the team's key performance indicators and ensuring their realization
• Proficient in the principles of factory design
• Proficient in the topics of productivity management of production lines
• Ability to manage time and have systemic thinking


Age 40 _30
Employment in this position is only for men
Completion of military service or exemption from it is mandatory.
Education includes bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and related fields
Familiarity with Microsoft Office software

Employment Type

  • Full Time