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Senior Payroll Accountant

Arya Sasol Polymer

Posted 12 days ago

Job Description

● Control T and A reports in system and track employee attendance defects in system based on received permits. ● Editing T and A reports and preparing overtime reports. ● Register and update personnel information and legal documents based on received documents in ERP system. ● Entry personnel and legal data of employees including contracts, the definition of loans etc. ● Review time sheets, work charts, wage computation, and other information to detect and reconcile payroll discrepancies. ● Prepare and complete settlement forms for employees who leave company and follow completion process up to financial dept. ● Preparation T and A, absence and any other related from ERP-HR system. ● Make calculation of salary payment, employee‘s benefits overtime, mission and any other employee related costs. ● Collect and control all related payroll lists to pay salary. ● Control all recorded data in the ERP system before salary payment. ● Analyze and respond to complex matters requiring comprehensive knowledge of payroll policies and procedures and review exceptions to the policy with the Supervisor/Manager for necessary changes or direction. ● Prepare and submit time data entry by evaluating for accuracy and completeness of regular time vacation payout, salary, leave of absence, overtime and retro. ● Perform other duties as assigned to support the efficient operation of the department. ● Analysis of existing compensation programs to inform the C&B integration strategy. ● Review or design compensation/transition programs. ● Registration of new hired staff in the ERP system.


● University qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Management. ● Other certifications obtained: ERP. ● Nature and length of previous experience: 5+ years of compensation and benefits and payroll accountant experience. ● Soft skills and personality traits: Attention to detail, dependability, integrity, fast finding.