Systems and Methods Expert

Nekoo Behineh Machine (NBM)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Identify, design, and document the organization's processes. ● Monitor and measure processes based on defined indicators. ● Analyze, diagnose and improve organizational processes. ● Create and control quality management system documentation. ● Prepare, compile and update regulations, executive methods, instructions, forms, etc. ● Submit an audit report and hold a management review meeting. Benefits: ● Loans. ● Supplementary insurance. ● Lunch. ● Library. ● Gifts and special packages.


● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. ● Familiar with ISO 9001. ● Familiar with organizational processes and documents. ● Familiar with the internal audit process. ● Familiarity with English. ● Fluent in Microsoft Office. ● Ability to negotiate.

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