Senior Petrophysicist

ZN Vostok (ZNV)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Database preparation, interpretation project creation in geology or similar software. ● Prepare a whole field interpretation project on a basis of existent and from scratch. ● Petrophysical modeling for both carbonate and clastic reservoirs based on core and well-log data. ● Develop and update the petro-elastic model for seismic inversion. Rock physics modeling and analysis for seismic inversion based on effective medium theory. ● Modelling of synthetic curves (RHOB, DT, and others) for seismic well tie and seismic inversion. Aid to geophysicist for input data preparation required for acoustic inversion. ● Qa/Qc and log-tie of all kinds of raw data for the field, including preparation of histograms, log-log, core-log, and well-well comparison. ● Deliver a high-quality petrophysical interpretation (including qualitative and quantitative deterministic, probabilistic, etc.). ● SWE detailed justification for sandstone and carbonate separately using regional knowledge, all types of Archie equations, and capillary data. ● Determine and refine reservoir parameters for STOIIP calculation (including porosity, permeability, rock type, pore type, mineralogy, Pc, Sw, fluid contacts, and transition zone heights). ● FMI and similar logs interpretation to define fracture behavior (porosity and other parameters). ● Prepare core-core, core-log, and log-log dependences in ambient and reservoir conditions. ● Prepare recommendations for test intervals and perforations based on data obtained from log interpretation and core analysis. ● Plan well data acquisition programs in line with well and business objectives. ● Liaise with core, log, and LWD data acquisition contractors, before and during acquisition and in the post-well interpretation phase. ● Coordinate appropriate well-site witness work for special runs. ● Manage core analysis programs at labs and prepare recommendations for core sampling. ● Populate and maintain corporate and project well databases. ● Supervise and manage projects performed by other contractors related to petrophysics, service contractors. ● Identify and quantify petrophysical uncertainties. ● Interact with the client, partners, and contractors in terms of related activities, position defense, and holding Subsurface Subcommittees in solving the problem. ● Prepare reports on the results of work, presentation materials, and preparation of the scope of work related to petrophysics.


● Master's degree in Geophysics, Geology, Physics, or other related fields. ● At least 6 years of experience in petrophysics with knowledge of Geology, Rock Physics, and basic Geophysics. ● Experience in interpretation of both clastic and carbonate rocks, qualitative and quantitative including multimin and probabilistic approaches. ● Knowledge of all types of QA/QC and log-tie of raw data, both open and cased holes. ● Experience in SoW justification and preparation for the core lab study, Qa/Qc of results, and core dependencies preparation (K versus Phi, res vs ambient conditions, core-log, and log-log plots). ● Experience in carbonate fractured and clastic reservoirs. ● Experience in the interpretation of high-tech log data (micro resistivity formation and acoustic images, NMR). ● Understanding of both regional and international approaches for all kinds of open holes (standard, SWE, multimin, FMI, and others) and cased hole interpretation (CBL, RBT, USIT, EMDS). ● Experience in planning and project management. ● Able to communicate and defend a position internally and externally with management, other disciplines, client, and contractors. ● Experience in working in a multidisciplinary field development team. ● Knowledge of Geology and similar software, including Schlumberger Techlog. ● Not less than upper-intermediate English, written and verbal.

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