Sales Manager

DIO Pars (Afrand Atlas)


Posted a year ago

Job Description

● Develop sales strategies based on the company's macro strategies. ● Attend budget meetings. ● Achieve sales goals. ● Grade customers and define customer service packages. ● Participate in monthly sales targeting and other key performance indicators for sub-group branches in interaction with the marketing unit. ● Evaluate and analyze branch performance in performance indicators and plan and follow-up in order to compensate for deviations and continuous improvement. ● Identify key customers in order to maintain effective communication and ensure maximum use of their sales capacity. ● Receive sales progress reports from the planning and sales support unit and exchange ideas with the sales team to remove obstacles. ● Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the sales performance of branches and presenting to the CEO. ● Monitor the quality of visit routing, and the level of customer coverage and ensure its complete and coordinated implementation. ● Ensure the compliance of the number of available personnel (especially the sales team) with the personnel budget and follow up in order to eliminate deviations in the branches. ● Pursue claims collection, bounced checks, arrears, and reducing check delays. ● Visit the branches (coordinated or unannounced) with the aim of training, designing, and implementing corrective measures on-site and monitoring the compliance of the branches' performance with the organization's requirements. ● Keep the secrets and information of the organization. ● Protect the property and all assets of the organization. ● Preserve and maintain human resources under management in line with the general policies of human resources. ● Comply with all the requirements of the quality management system in the form of instructions and regulations. ● Carry out other tasks assigned by superiors.


● Proficient in Microsoft Office, especially Excel. ● Proficient in Rahkaran System. ● Reporting skills. ● Getting to know the concepts of human resources. ● Ability to plan, manage and control the project. ● Team management and meeting management skills. ● Ability to implement the self-assessment process. ● Knowledge of the organization's products. ● Ability to communicate effectively. ● Professional sales management ability.

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