Revenue Assurance Specialist



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Job Description

Mission: ● To assess and control opportunities for Revenue Leakage whether internally or externally and bring it to agreed business acceptable levels. ● To support activities in the company to assess and control opportunities for revenue leakage that could occur pre-launch, during launch, and post-launch of new or changed product/service/subscriber promotion/incentive program / key network element or billing system change. ● To ensure accurate and prompt reporting of Postpaid, Prepaid, VAS, TD-LTE revenue and cost of sales of MTNIrancell. ● To generate all relevant analyses and related month-end info required for management reporting. Responsibilities: ● To communicate with business operations about the ownership, nature, timing, and extent of RA activities to be conducted by the RA team and business through communication sessions. ● To liaise with internal/external auditors and Group revenue assurance and fraud teams to provide the required information. ● To research, document, and implement the industry’s best practices regarding revenue assurance leakage prevention and detection. ● To support the RA manager to identify best practices in revenue assurance, analyzing and designing methodology for implementation. ● To support the development and establish the internal revenue leakage processes and systems. ● To support the insertion of revenue assurance activities as a part of documenting business procedures. ● To prepare report on the leakage levels and quantify the loss to the business within financial analysis. ● To take the ownership of delegated module in the revenue assurance system, identify the requirements, and deliver it through the business case for future system integration and delivery. ● To assess and report on revenue enhancement / direct cost reduction opportunities. ● To provide inputs on various revenue assurance projects and initiatives including ad-hoc projects handed over by management. ● To undertake quality checks of revenue leakage cases to ensure they comply with legal requirements and locally adopted procedures. ● To follow business processes in the company with a special emphasis on revenue/direct costs recognition. ● To support the RA manager in identifying and documenting revenue assurance risks and control points across business, RA objectives, and activities to meet such objectives. ● To provide inputs to the RA manager in evaluating the impact score of each activity – based on the likelihood of occurrence of a discrepancy and the significance of the discrepancy. ● To provide inputs to RA Manager in prioritizing activities to be conducted by RA over the year and decompose the RA plan into quarterly/monthly/weekly plans. ● To support RA Manager in identifying resources needed for the purpose of conducting various planned RA activities and support the determination of budget requirements – people (number and skills), tools, processes, etc. ● To coordinate with RA Manager and with source divisions to obtain data required for conducting various Revenue Assurance activities. ● To conduct various Revenue Assurance activities as planned and / or directed by RA Manager. This may include conducting/assisting other members of Revenue Assurance team in their activities as directed. ● To document observations to be followed upon with business divisions (especially Marketing and CR and Digital) to identify the root cause of confirmed observations, determine financial impact, and prepare recommendations. ● To obtain management buy-in on observations related to RA Specialist activities. ● To support the preparation of reports to the revenue assurance and fraud management steering committee and to senior management as requested by the RA manager. ● To document all issues in an issue tracker and record all RA observations sent for clarifications/information requests/clarification requests etc – the same may incorporate an escalation matrix in case of non–provision of required information/clarifications/data beyond defined timelines. ● To evaluate business rules, reconciliation logic, and all parameters in the revenue assurance tool relevant to RA. ● To coordinate with other teammates who are in charge of new products and changes to determine RA comments on the development/change of products. ● To document RA activity procedures to capture RA objectives, inputs required to conduct the test, source of each input, and the procedure used to conduct the test – including detailed logic, tools/scripts used in conducting the tests, expected outputs, reviewing the procedures to document issues (including issue documentation templates), issue review within RA team, notification of issue to relevant divisions (including identification of responsibilities for issue resolution), escalation matrix for issue resolution including the timeframe for such resolution and standards for exceptions including key performance indicators.


Education: ● Bachelor's degree in Computer, IT, Telecom, or other related fields; or a Bachelor's degree in Financial Management, Accounting, or other related fields. Experience: ● At least 3 years of experience in an area of specialization; with 2 years of experience in conducting revenue assurance activities. ● Experience working in a medium organization and telecom. Technical competencies: ● Telecommunication networks. ● Quality management. ● Reconciliation. ● Business intelligence. ● Customer billing management. ● Roaming accounting. ● Interconnection. ● Revenue assurance. ● Root cause analysis. ● Trend analysis.

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