Deputy CEO

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Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

The objective of the role: Deputy CEO plans and develops policies to help an organization be successful. She/he works closely with the organization’s board of directors. They function as the Managing Director of corporate operations and serve as the link between the different departments of the organization. List of responsibilities: ● Partnering with senior officers to grow and strengthen the organization and to make it more sustainable. ● Representing the organization at functions, public meetings, and industry events. ● Working with the financial department to prepare the organization's annual budgets, analyze the risk of its investments and advise the board of directors on the risk and return of the investments. ● Leading the development of the organization’s short- and long-term strategies and policies. ● Directing the organization in line with the goals and visions set by the board of directors. ● Working with HR on the organization’s payroll, benefit disbursement, and hiring practices. ● Overseeing quality throughout the company by setting goals for each department in collaboration with the departmental head. ● Communicating with shareholders, the general public, and government entities. ● Reporting to: CEO and Board Members.


● Senior management experience in the same or similar industry. ● Good communication skills. ● Excellent problem-solving skills. ● Leadership skills to lead senior management and to manage internal and external conflicts. ● Excellent planning skills to implement strategies to meet the organization's goals set by the board of directors.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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