Business Data Analyst

Digikala Tehran

Posted a month ago

Job Description

  • Perform business analysis, identify root causes, and develop recommendations and solutions to drive strategies.
  • Collaborate across departments to develop and implement new business models and context.
  • Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of internal and external report deliverables.
  • Manage scheduled and ad hoc reporting needs of the organization.
  • Analyze the feasibility of, and develop requirements for, new material handling systems and enhancements to existing systems.
  • Assist in operations and identify opportunities for process automation through technology.
  • Responsible for the quality and completeness of data in core systems by performing and overseeing the auditing of data.
  • Oversee large systems and data-related projects.
  • Lead and execute automation projects.
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in data sets.
  • Construct forecasts and analytical models.
  • Perform regular data integrity and quality audits.
  • Search for supply chain trends and map company status.
  • Find solutions for conducting the company toward corporate objectives regarding trends and status.
  • Identify competitors, and other market players to contribute to defining the roadmap.
  • Hold meetings and communicate with other departments.


  • Possess a solid foundation in statistics and practical experience with statistical software (such as Excel, SPSS, SAS) and mastery in data analysis languages including SQL, Python, and R.
  • Exhibit exceptional analytical abilities to compile, structure, examine, and present substantial data sets with precision and thoroughness.
  • Capable of critically evaluating data to derive meaningful, actionable insights.
  • Demonstrate superior communication and presentation capabilities, adept at simplifying complex data insights for audiences without a technical background.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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