Big Data Engineer



Posted 20 days ago

Job Description

● To be involved in management system operation ticketing and collaborate to improve operation management of BI software and data systems. ● To assist in designing and implementing BI software and systems considering integration with a data lake and alignment with business requirements. ● To develop, validate, and communicate modeling solutions, including relational and dimensional models for implementing and using new/existing BI software tools and systems. ● To design, test, and document all new or modified BI systems, applications, and programs. ● To generate logical and/or physical data models from scratch based on business requirements or existing models and staged data. ● To develop report definitions, graphs, and portal interfaces for the delivery of BI information. ● To analyze user requirements based on findings and design functional specifications for BI front-end applications. ● To implement ETL (Extract - Transform – Load) to ensure a manageable ETL infrastructure for the BI systems. ● To support performing duties and responsibilities according to the organization’s Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology to ensure prompt project delivery. ● To troubleshoot BI tools, systems, and software, benchmark, and performance-tune as required. ● To promote BI usage within relevant departments and empower users to self-serve to increase understanding and use across the organization. ● To review business performance indicators and develop business intelligence reports providing insight to aid the improvement of the indicators in close collaboration with business units ● To analyze data-related systems integration opportunities and challenges and implement integration solutions. ● To identify the impact and opportunities of reusing data structures and models to reduce overlapping data structures. ● To coordinate preparing the data definitions and build a meta-data repository including a glossary (terms and KPIs). ● To implement data quality checks and monitor related KPIs to validate the correctness and completeness of data. ● To support reviewing data and predictive models to ensure correctness and alignment with business strategy. ● To implement and control data-management concepts, practices, and procedures with data quality in multi-tiered environments. ● To perform all BI solutions requests that the line manager shall assign from time to time to achieve the organization`s objectives further. ● To collaborate with other internal teams and departments in BI projects and other projects related to BI or reporting. ● To ensure that related vendor operational teams are aligned with MTNIrancell and manage them to achieve their KPI. ● To support the efforts for building a pool of knowledge workers across the organization through constant interaction and sharing relevant business insight with the nominated staff in addition to being knowledge workers as well.


● Bachelor's degree in Information Technology or related fields. ● At least 3 years of experience in the area of specialization; with experience in supervising others. ● Experience working in a medium organization.

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