B2C Sales Expert



Posted 12 days ago

Job Description

● Liaison with sales representatives of the company to monitor sales, target, and investigate their cases and problems with other departments of the company. ● Monthly evaluation of sales representatives (including periodic visits). ● Prepare and follow up on the contract of sales representatives. ● Follow up on referral cases of recruitment, warning and termination of the contract of sales representatives. ● B2B2C sales, affiliate, and co-branding. ● Analyze and evaluate sales opportunities for ADSL, TD-LTE, FTTx, 4G services and other future products and services of the company. ● Send relevant reports and updates in different systems. ● Pursue contracts related to B2C sales until results are achieved.


● At least three years of useful work experience in the field of selling B2C services. ● Familiar with DSL, 4G, Wireless, and FTTx technologies. ● Proficient in Microsoft Office. ● Familiarity with sales processes of telecom services.

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