Assistant Manager

Parto Pishgaman Pouya


Posted 4 months ago

Job Description

● Arrange appointments and meetings. ● Respect clients and visitors and communicate well with them. ● Enter customers' or appointments' information in the company's database. ● Manage text correspondence and telephone calls. ● Create and manage file creation systems. ● Arrange travel arrangements. ● Organize company's offices and banking affairs. ● Use and maintenance of office equipment, such as computers, printers, copiers, and fax machines. ● Troubleshoot technical problems of office equipment and contact equipment service providers if necessary. ● Connect the incoming contacts of the company to the desired person and receive messages. ● Communicate with colleagues to answer customers' questions and answer their questions or complaints. ● Register the inventory of office supplies in the company and re-order if necessary to prepare them. ● Direct Manager: Internal Manager and Managing Director. ● Probation period: 1 month. ● Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday from 9 to 17:30.


● Bachelor's degree. ● Having one to two years of work experience. ● Fluent in Microsoft Office. ● Fluent in Istanbul Turkish and English. ● Ability to do teamwork. ● Extroverted and energetic person. ● Having high PR.

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