Warehouse Manager- Alborz

Warehouse Manager- Alborz

Job Description

Job Description; Warehouse Managers oversee the operations of a warehouse, including all shipping and receiving. Warehouse Managers have buying responsibilities and make sure that the needed products are stocked in a timely manner. As a supervisor, Warehouse Managers schedule and oversee other warehouse workers. Warehouse Managers process invoices and shipping orders, while also maintaining warehouse inventory.


• Supervise warehouse employees and oversee daily operations • Perform general maintenance of machinery used in the warehouse • Inspect condition of tools and equipment • Enforce all company rules and regulations • Ensure a high degree of detail and focus on every job • Communicate with drivers to ensure efficient delivery of products • BA/MA degree in industrial engineering • Excellent knowledge of control process of warehouse accessories • Excellent knowledge of Rahkaran software system • Excellent knowledge of new inventory software • Excellent English and software skills • Job Location: Alborz

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

Maadiran is the leading technology and office automation sales, manufacturing, and after-sales support company within Iran. The following section outlines the Group in further detail. The Maadiran Group is a privately owned group of companies formed in 1963. The group is Irans leading technology and office equipment, electronics, and systems supplier, manufacturer, and after-sales service provider.

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