Job Description

- To ensure the achievement of sales target and assigned products. - Active participation in regular sessions and other internal meetings. - To maintain effective relationships with doctors, beauty staff and the ordering manager. - Having discipline on arrival and departure hours. - To promote specified products and their benefits to doctors through personal visits. - To have regular plan and report for their visits. - Report market feedback. - Submit regular reports on pharmacy issues. - Include daily sales reports in the daily work report form. - Keep up to date with promotions and products prices. - Pharmacy’s manager satisfaction about visit timing. - Regular visits of doctors and pharmacies to monitor products availability and sort.


- University qualification: at least diploma. - Have appropriate body conditions, suitable and professional appearance. - Be well organized. - Be costumer oriented, have high level of communication and public relation skills. - Advance knowledge of sales and marketing skills. - Master in recognizing products scientifically. - Be motivated and hardworking. - Strong commitment and responsible. - Ability to create team spirit. - Proper ICDL skills.

About Company

50-99 employees

Nikoo Tejarat Ali Company was founded on valuable experiences of knowledgeable managers and experts in 1388, in fields of importing and distribution of various natural and herbal medicines, beauty products, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and sanitary supplements. Also since 1397, the company has extended its activities in areas of producing and exporting. nikoo tejarat ali company products: luxurios : Gemology, Bernard Cassier Economical: Aura Chake, Carlina, NEP Mass products: Evoluderm Made in Iran: Lidoma, Mahskin, Dermanjeline Argan oil

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