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Software Engineer

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Job Description

This position is responsible for the preparation and commencement of the implementation of codes of the game and the provision of its basic principles to the production team. The lead Developer who have software engineering skills and are primarily specialized in the field of mobile gaming development. It is up to this person to capture the output of the game and implement all the code needed.


• Mastering the unity 3D engine • Mastering the C# and Java Script • At least 2 years work experience • Work on at least one published game • Understand the general concepts of gaming • Team work spirit and professional ethics • Ability to understand and solve problems associated with mobile gaming • Ability to learn project requirements • The ability to search and develop • Interested to play and develop mobile games • Mastering in programing concepts • Having the spirit of learning • Implement and manage the data base • Having technical knowledge in the field of game production • Having knowledge with multi-player projects • Ability to work on online gaming • English proficiency • Be creative • Attend at work