Site Supervisor (Civil Engineer) NR Electric

  • Full Time

  • Khorasan, South

      -   Ghaenaat

Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

We are looking for a site supervisor who works in our STATCOM project execution team. - Ensure the fulfillment of the obligations and duties as described under the works contract agreement. - Managing all civil construction activities, especially in progress and quality. - Checking engineering change and technical documents. - Full mastery of construction materials technology, and responsible for acceptance check. - Assist project manager to organize foundation acceptance, main part acceptance and completion acceptance, supervise sub-contractor to hand over all documents. - Managing quality control and make record during construction, submit weekly process report to project manager. - Prepare all reports required by client including SAT, test procedure etc. - Collecting, sorting and checking civil documents and hand over to client. - Complete other temporary tasks assigned by project manager. - Assist project manager to control progress, safety and quality during construction.


- Bachelor degree or above in civil construction field from recognized and reputable universities. - Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, can use English as working language. - Advanced familiarity with MS-Office and AutoCAD. - Minimum 5 years experiences in civil construction management, familiar with construction and acceptance standard. - Familiar with the process of document flow and management of engineering documents, also, SVC project experiences preferred. - Familiar with civil design, construction and main equipment in substation - Proficiency in construction cost calculation and invoice work. - Good skills in civil software.