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Job Description

We are currently looking for individuals who: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Reactive, communicative, dynamic and curious - Have a sense of autonomy as well as a teamwork spirit - Cooperate with the SEO/SEM team; - Help colleagues with refining English or translation-related materials based on a specified procedure; - Translate the required content from English to Farsi and vice versa. ‏■ Working days: Monday to Friday (work hours are subject to change based on workload) ■ This is a remote, contract-based work.


- Minimum 2 years of experience is demanded - Having knowledge of branding and advertisement would be a plus - Interested in authoring and scriptwriting (relevant experience is required) - Good knowledge of content programming, marketing, and copywriting - Good knowledge of SEO, content optimization with relevant experience - Be an enthusiast in discovering new technologies - Good knowledge of advanced search on search engines - Be a computer superuser - Able to handle situations, make decisions and take risks and responsibilities - Able to create content for projects (may include contents for the corporation or SEO) in English and Farsi; - Able to define appropriate structural templates for reports needed; - Able to revise already-written materials and refining them stylistically and based on a specified format; - English in writing, comprehension, and speaking is inevitable - Good knowledge of English orthography and formal writing ░░░░░░░░░░░░ Test of Eligibility (Required) ░░░░░░░░░░░░ Please write a sample blog post of at least 300 words based on the following description (hypothetical scenario), upload it to a cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) and provide a direct link to it when confirming your application. Type: product announcement Subject: a mobile application called 'EZ Touch' Scope: mobile photo editor Features: comprehensive, accurate, fast, smart, rich in tools (feel free to add your own imaginary tools), priced $5, 30% discount until December 15 Keywords: photo editor, retouch, photo editor app, photo effects, android app, ios app, photo touch-up, photo retouch Audience: general public Tone: informal but not colloquial Aim: introduce the product and convince the general public that it is a great choice Please bear in mind that impeccable structuring of sentences and correct use of punctuation are a must

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