Senior Project Planning & Control Engineer

Senior Project Planning & Control Engineer

Job Description

• Planning and controlling projects and their ongoing follow-up so projects are completed on time and on budget, as well as reporting and providing useful and effective information and analysis to prevent diversions and helping managers decide on the direction realizing the goals of the project. •Key Responsibilities: - Provide Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Project Scheduling - Project Cost Management - Project risk planning and control - Implementation of project management processes - Controlling and updating programs such as project time control, project progress control, project scope control and change management - Preparation of performance reports, progress reports and other analytical reports of the project


- Familiar to project management concepts and relevant standards - Fluent in planning and control of the project and related software, especially P6 - Bachelor or MS degree in related fields - General administrative and writing skills - Strong analytical skills - Fluency in business modeling and planning - Team working skills - Excellent communication skills - Creativity - Good computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office programs - Fluent in English especially reading and translating documents in related context. - Having more than 3 years of work experience - Ideal age: 25 - 35

This position is no longer available.

About Company

500 employees or more

As a leading project-oriented country, PEDEX is active in digging and exploration, and possesses very vital experiences regarding surveys, seismography, digging and its related services and supporting associated operation due to its professional and experienced team who make most of their effort to fulfill their duties timely and successfully. Expanded activities in near future with the existing proper potentials in oil and Gas industry of the country is expected to be easily observed. This company hopes to achieve an appropriate position in the present development plan of the country by taking advantage of market chances as well as short term 3 and 5 year-plans for national economic movement.

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