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Sales Manager

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Job Description

Job Skills: - Familiarity with the stages of product production  Mastering marketing topics and skills  Ability to plan sales  Ability to predict sales  Ability to budget sales  Ability to organize sales force  Ability to control the sales process  A complete understanding of the market  Familiarity with a variety of sales practices - Familiarity with the process and turnover of the financial unit related to commerce  Familiarity with the rules of domestic trade - Familiarity with the legal rules of contracts  Full ability to set up internal contracts in accordance with the contract registration standards - Mastering the principles of quality control of materials and requirements for product production  Ability to identify and communicate with contractors  Full ability to implement the principles of management  Full ability to use the capabilities and capabilities of production  The full ability to use the raw materials used in the garment industry  Ability to formulate systems, procedures, and operating instructions  Full mastery of computer work - Mastering the topics of ISO standards  Identification of technology and clothing industry


Acquiring conditions: Education: Minimum Expert in Commercial or Textile Management Background. At least 3 years’ experience in sales and business management Abilities. Having a high level of public relations in relation to customers, the ability to understand the market and relevant decisions, the full ability to manage buying and selling, ability to work with computers, getting to know the clothing industry and its production, and being fully acquainted with sales; Clothing market in Iran