Quality Control Inspector (Furniture and Wooden Products)

Quality Control Inspector (Furniture and Wooden Products)

Job Description

AMODERN is seeking a motivated and enthusiastic professional for the position of QC Inspector in the field of Furniture and Wood Industry. The QC Inspector will maintain the quality assurance programs that are required to ensure that AMODERN's products are in compliance with industry and quality standards. All duties are to be performed in accordance with departmental and AMODERN’s policies, practices, and procedures. A Product Designer performs the following Tasks:  Perform first article inspections.  Spot check QC in all sections of the operation.  Ensure QC procedures are followed by operators through random checks.  Responsible for operators recording QC data accurately and timely.  maintaining metrics and reporting procedures in order to track total cost of quality  Inspects packaging, crating and loading of out-going material and takes pictures as required. Checks availability of all parts as listed.


 Knowledge of wooden products.  Knowledge of production processes and all sections of the operation in upholstered furniture and other wooden products.  Knowledge of raw materials, finishes material (wood, Stone and metals)  Knowledge of paints and wood finishing (how to control the right finishes)  more than 5 years related experience. (Furniture and Woodworking is a plus)  Bachelor's degree relevant to this career (A degree in a wood science or wood-related field preferred)  Strong attention to detail, and organizational skills - Your own renderings are flawless, and you're constantly refining process to help the team each optimal efficiency.  Excellent communication and presentation skills.  Understanding the scientific uses and properties of materials.  Computer skills: - Autodesk AutoCAD - Microsoft office

About Company

10-49 employees

Amodern Company, creates pleasant, productive office and home environments with well-designed furniture that incorporates new technology into the classic mode, in which people can live and work happily. We are sensitive to the quality and feel of good material and fine furniture as well as to high-smart interior design. Recognizing that the market for good furniture is quite competitive using the larger furniture retailers, Amodern will minimize the competition by targeting specific luxury markets, generally focusing on luxurious high quality furniture, Home and decoration accessories. By leveraging knowledge and talent, we will be able to have control of the entire importation and selling process. Amodern Co. has three keys to success. • Establishing a high quality and high value relationship with its vendors and customers. • Ensure reliable, accurately and timely delivery of th...

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