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Quality Control Expert-Safa Dasht

Posted 5 Month ago

Job Description

-Quality leadership for a manufacturing plant by setting the quality strategy, improving quality standards, goals, and objectives. -Preparing quality control plans, control limits, specification, for raw materials, working progress, finished goods and packaging materials -Regularly preparing and following reports to management and aligning implementation of corrective and preventive actions. -Have a role in preserving workplace safety and safe materials handling as appropriate, since they sometimes work with hazardous materials. -Guarantee the quality of the finished product and upgrade the control for each step of the manufacture process -Prepare daily, weekly and monthly progress and reports. -Timely implementation of equipment calibration, monitoring, measurement and testing in production and quality control. -Training the production personnel on quality issues. -Maintaining effective control tools for product quality. -Care and protection of laboratory equipment and control instruments affecting the quality of the product. -Collect and analyze production samples to evaluate quality. -Stop production if serious product defects are present. -Monitor performance of quality control systems to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. -Produce reports regarding nonconformance of products or processes, daily production quality, root cause analyses, or quality trends. -Participate in the development of product specifications. -Identify critical points in the manufacturing process and specify sampling procedures to be used. -Create and implement inspection and testing criteria or procedures. -Review and update standard operating procedures or quality assurance manuals. -Identify quality problems or areas for improvement and recommend solutions. -Verify that raw materials, purchased parts or components, in-process samples, and finished products meet established testing and inspection standards. -Coordinate the selection and implementation of quality control equipment, such as inspection gauges. -Monitor development of new products to help identify possible problems for mass production. -Confer with marketing and sales departments to define client requirements and expectations.


-Teamwork skills and good social communication -Initiative, Independent and well-organized character -Strong attention to details and ability to work under pressure -Multi task capability -Ability to prepare reports -Good command of MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) -Good command of English : written and oral -University Degree: BS or MS in Material Engineering, Chemistry or Mining, Ceramic Engineering is preferred -Over 3 years of experience in the manufacturing industry (Product Development, Process Development, Quality Control or appropriate Engineering) -Familiar with the standards and ISO concepts -Ideal Age Range: 25-32 -Gender: Male & Female -Candidate Location: Karaj, Shahriar, Safa Dasht, Mahdasht, Malard and suburbs are preferred