Microbiology Specialist

Microbiology Specialist

Job Description

-Perform tests on samples used in packaging in order to Microbial control and Submit report to the relevant units. -Sampling of raw materials, Water and ... in order to conduct tests based on BP, USP -Growing materials to prepare them for testing -Preparation of microorganisms from research institutes for microbiological testing on them -Examination of physiological characteristics. Morphological and Cultural with Using Microscope to Identify and Classify Microorganisms -Microbial monitoring of the environment and products with comparable reference in order to be able to archive and report the results to the regulatory section -Reviewing and comparing the results of the exams with the standard limits in order Expert opinion in this field -Provide required cultivation environments in accordance with the executive and standard instructions for observing individual Observe individual safety tips and environmental points of view and sterilization -Survey and analyzing statistics and collecting information about tests conducted to report to relevant units -Preparation and Compilation and suggestion of SOPs required by the relevant department in order to update them by referring to national standards, General Directorate Directions, Reference books and authoritative scientific resources


-Bachelor's degree in Microbiology (Microbiology, Microbial-cellular) -At least 3 years work experience -Masters and higher in related disciplines -Candidate must be computer proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) -Deductive reasoning and near vision -Quality control analysis skills -Listening skills and honesty -Familiar with upstream and downstream process of microbial culture line -Ideal Age Range: 25 - 32

This position is no longer available.

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100-499 employees

Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical Company (Public Joint Stock) is a pharmaceutical company specializing in development, production and marketing of Finished Dosage Forms (generics and brands). This company is among the top domestic pharmaceutical companies in Iran and among the largest generic manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in Middle East Area. Relying on more than half of century of experience in pharmaceutical industry, our main goal is health quality promotion for people. Now Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical Co. with more than 55 years of brilliant experiences in manufacturing of different finished dosage forms, as a leading domestic pharmaceutical company is manufacturing more than 160 medications which 8 of them are exclusive products including: 1- Chlorpromazine (Normazine®) Tablets and Injection. 2- Trimipramine (Trimontil®) Tablets. 3- Promethazine (Chemoprozin®) Injection. 4- Lid...

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