Linux Administrator

Linux Administrator

Job Description

•Main Objective: -We are looking for a Linux Administrator who is generally responsible for creating, debugging and maintaining Linux systems. •Main responsibilities: -Maintain mail server, DNS, load balancer -Participate in after-hours upgrades, troubleshooting, and/or on-call availability as needed -Configure, test, and maintain Linux infrastructure environment -Assist with producing monthly, weekly and daily reports and infrastructure monitoring -Stay current with system information, changes, and updates -Create and maintain comprehensive documentation as it relates to server and network topology, equipment, and configuration(s)


-Good, proven experience with HAProxy -Good, proven experience with Nginx -Fully Experience with mail server -Experience with DNS and related issues -Working experience with Docker -Experience on wordpress, MySQL, MariaDB -Working experience with Monitoring tools like Cacti -Ideal age range: 22 - 40

This position is no longer available.

About Company

100-499 employees

Eligasht Company has been established in the year 2000. Thanks to its outstanding customer service Eligasht has been able to grow to one of the leading Tour operators in the Iranian Market and today in almost all of the major destinations Eligasht has the most amount of passengers and also most amount of chartered flight contract with various airlines. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best possible service for both group and FIT passengers. Utilizing its unique infrastructure, high standards and a comprehensive online sales network we have been able to deliver the most desirable travel services to our B2C and B2B clients. With more than 15 years of experience and by implementation of high level management skills, customer relations, experienced staff and up to date technology today have more than 2000 Sub agents which is the largest sales network in the Iranian market.

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