Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

Job Description

We are a new team branched from an experienced and knowledge-based corporation, founded to develop a mobile game app which we expect to have a rapid growing. We are looking for flexible and hardworking person to be responsible for main parts of frontend development. List of responsibilities: - Implement UI/UX designs - Design and implement unit and integrated tests - Collaborate with back-end developers - Collaborate with UI/UX designers - Implement prototype design - Participate in technical meetings Reporting to: Product owner. Working hours: Flexible Commission / Bonus / Benefits: Alongside the main incentives there is an opportunity to complete your military service as an employee for a knowledge-based corporation.


- There is no framework constraint but react-native and unity 3d is preferred. - Good related experience - Experience with devops culture - Having teamwork skills, able to communicate in a flattery structure. - Knowledge of design patterns concepts. - Familiar with graphical design

This position is no longer available.

About Company

10-49 employees

Arsam robotics is a knowledge-based company (approved by vice-presidency for science and technology) with a global perspective to become a high level robotic company in Iran and its neighborhood countries. We leverage our main skills to connect different technology aspects of robotics fields from computer science to mechanical design to create robots which are reliable enough in order to assign them some human tasks confidently. Now, the company is implementing two robotic projects (Robotic Playhouse and Intelligent Robotic Restaurant) that really will move the robotic borders of Iran and the Middle East. We try to create a comfortable working environment that everyone can innovate novel ways to solve the company’s daily challenges.

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