Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Job Description

• Developing User interfaces for Rich Modern Internet Applications with the latest Front End Technologies • All lifecycle phases from page layout • Client-side browser development • Browser compatibility validation • Implementation and testing • Teamwork in the process of migration from old to new technology Requirements • You have worked for at least 2 years as a front-end developer and have best-in-class working knowledge of jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, JSON • You have already worked in any JavaScript framework like AngularJS and NodeJS • Moreover, you show advanced knowledge in SASS and other new CSS/JS technologies, and you are familiar with Agile software development • Also, you have an in-depth knowledge in working with GIT • Familiar with Typescript and OOP Concept


- At least 2 years work experience in related fields - In-depth knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3 - In-depth knowledge of LESS & SASS - In-depth knowledge of AgularJS & Angular 2 - In-depth knowledge of Javascript, framework, jQuery - Familiar with RequireJs & KnockoutJs - Familiar witha synchronous request handling & partial page updates & AJAX - Ability to understand and solve problems - Capable to teamwork and learning

About Company

500 employees or more

Goldiran is a group of several companies that Produce, Distribute, and provide After Sales Services for LG Products in Iran. The products in its basket include (but are not limited to) Home Appliances (Dish Washers, Washing Machines, Refrigerators), Home Entertainment (TVs, Audio Videos, Home Theaters), Air Conditioning Systems (Residential & Commercial), Mobile Phones and .... Goldiran started its activities in 1997 and has grown rapidly ever since employing more than 3000 full time staff at the group level. Customer orientation, dynamic environment, career opportunities and its close partnership with LG Electronics make working in Goldiran a challenging and fulfilling experience.

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