Foreign & Domestic Procurement Supervisor Ehsan Group

  • Full Time

  • Tehran

      -   Tehran

Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

-Identify suppliers, communicate with them and suggest the best options -Negotiating and working with selected suppliers -Carry out all matters relating to the purchase of materials, order registration, the entry of goods into the warehouse of the company and the application of the pre-factor and the factor and other necessary documents for the purchase and transportation -Choosing the correct ordering point through the site's communication and inventory information -Providing and arranging contracts and agreements in coordination with the superiors -Controlling and verifying the contracts and documentation of the trading unit and making the necessary coordination -Adherence to principles as well as revision of supplier contracts to improve the quality of purchased goods -Order synchronization by checking existing goods, goods on the way, and new order registration -Estimate and establish cost parameters and budgets for purchases -Conduct correspondence, follow up with internal or external parties related to single affairs -Prepare the financial conflict reports between the documents of loading and receipt of the warehouse -Provide a loading plan -Provide continuous reports to the related manager -Job Location: Tehran (Mirdamad)


-Bachelors or Masters in Mining Engineering/Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Engineering/Management -At least 7 years related experience -Mastery of office software, shopping planning software and inventory control -Familiarity with process of purchasing industrial products (Specially mineral and steel) -Familiarizing with negotiation techniques -Familiarity with rules and procedures for supplying and financing the purchase and supply contracts -Familiarity with process of evaluating the builders and providing a list of authorized builders -Ideal Age Range: 35 - 45 -Gender Preference: Male