Factory Manager

Factory Manager

Job Description

-Oversee the production process drawing up a production schedule. -Manage and supervise staff preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties. -Update knowledge with supervision method to extend productivity and efficiency of all processes and human resource activities. -Develop and maintain effective marketing and public relation strategy to promote the products, services and image of the company. -Develop and maintain total quality management systems throughout the company. -Conduct daily basis fast response meetings -previous experience in a similar management role. -Responsible for the supervision and enforcement of all affairs related to the factory and production.


- At least B/A of Industrial Engineering or any related - Familiar with manufacturing process - At least 10 years experience as manager in manufacturing factory - Leadership skills - Familiar with strategic management, team building and problem solving approach

About Company

100-499 employees

In modern life, innovation and manifestation of any positive change need expertise and specialty. These two factors besides developed technology and optimized consumption of the resources are elements of modern industries. EadeNegar was founded in 1994,since its creation until now we took as the primary objectives,u 1.Best Quality 2.Customer's satisfaction 3.Will to replace good solutions by better ones. Now EadeNegar is an innovation development partner and recognized system supplier for car and engine manufacturing industries. EadeNegar manufactures Clutch, Engine Cover, modern air cleaner,air intake manifold, filtration systems and … About two decades experience,educated personal with deep rooted dedication to their job,updated standards,code sand software and best quality control system guarantee conformity and quality of our products.

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