Commercial Expert (Internal and external )

Commercial Expert (Internal and external )

Job Description

Job Description for external Commercial - Responsible for subcontractor selection and management, - Knowing all purchasing process from first step to the end, Forecasting and placing orders and monitoring the progress with suppliers and arrangements of payment, shipments, Shipment follow-up as well as provision of upstream reports and alike, - Prepare and handle all necessary documentation from proforma Invoice to shipping documents, - Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations whether local or international, - Sourcing and development of supply chain, - Constant contact with organizations and authorities involved, - Dealing with the required payment procedures and banking structures, - Preparing payment documents for the financial department, - Preparing files to open L/C or T/T, Job Description for internal Commercial: -Ability to Commercial affairs (import, and distribution of sales) • Prediction and prioritization of goods for ordering and import • Understanding the tools and HSE market and its accessories • A glance at the laws and frameworks for Importing and Provision of raw materials • Ability to research and measure market based on price, quality, product portfolio, service, support and accountability, reliability, posting, reputation and history of work. • Negotiate, and manage contracts with retailers, distributors and other sales representatives • Analyze price lists, purchase finance reports and other information and statistics to determine the reasonable and reasonable price of the purchase • Preparing, maintaining and updating systematically (digitally and physically) the history and information of purchased goods, purchase costs, receipts and performance of purchased products. • Developing and updating the pricing and buying process


Requirements - Education: at least bachelor of Business management, management, industrial management or equivalent - Experience: Totally 3 years of experience - Age: 23-35 - Familiar with import regulations, opening LC, bank procedures and Customs clearance - Comprehensive knowledge of foreign procurement and commercial procedures, regulations, sourcing and correspondence, - Highly skilled in working with MS Office software and the internet - Familiar with tools and HSE tools markets in Iran - Fluent in English, writing, listening & speaking - Priority: Have TOEFL, IELTS and MBA certificate

This position is no longer available.

About Company

10-49 employees

Buffalo Group had established 11 years ago, our company object is: tools, services, selling and purchasing, importing all authorized commercial goods, signing contract with companies and entities, participating in tenders and bids and generally any activity related to the object of company. The establishment of this company was at the same time of our manufacturing work and keeping the production part as well. We got the importing certificate from our local Chamber of Commerce and begun to import hardware & tools and safety work products from China, India, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia, we started to work on safety work products specially and we hire some employees for different department of our company such as sell, finance , commercial, stock keeper etc...

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