Social Worker

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

Main Purpose: Carrying out all activities involving social support to individual patients/survivors and linking them with other relevant support services and communities at large, according to MSF principles and guidelines. Enhancing the target population’s social condition to have an impact on health-related outcomes. Accountabilities: ● Conducting social assessments, identifying the social support needs of patients/survivors, including legal, protection, shelter/housing, financial/vocational, food security, and access to medical and psycho-social support services beyond the project intervention scope. ● Supporting the provision of comprehensive care to patients and their families, by actively coordinating their work with the other members of the MSF multidisciplinary team (eg. medical, MHPSS) and linking with multi-sectoral services such as protection, safety, security, legal, justice, education, and livelihood. ● Providing direct social support based on social assessments and facilitating referrals to evaluated external resources. ● Providing systematic follow-up care regarding attendance of clinical appointments, and follow-up on referrals made to relevant multi-sectoral services aimed at improving the quality of life of patients/survivors. ● Participating in the creation and maintenance of any material needed for the activities of social workers, including facilities and equipment in order to ensure continuity. ● Mapping and regular updating of formal and informal support services (incl. existing community resources). Assess the quality of existing support services, with identification of gaps and advocacy for an improved culturally appropriate social response. ● Maintaining records, statistics, files, and reports on all social work activities and follow-up care either provided by MSF or other support services. Identifying gaps in the available services and with the team prioritizing and developing plans following the objectives of MSF. MSF Section/Context-Specific Accountabilities: ● Ensure knowledge of laws and regulations in Iran regarding refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, etc. ● Follow the context and possible changes in laws and regulations. ● Identify other local and national actors: NGOs, INGO, charity groups, authorities, etc. in different sectors of work (medical, NFI, food, shelters, law, psycho-social, etc.). Identify key staff in the different organizations and create possible referral pathways (procedure, referrals paper, contact people, etc.). ● Identify (in collaboration with CHW and other medical staff) community leaders, religious leaders, female groups, etc. among the target population. ● Create active networking between various local social workers (hospitals, clinics, organizations). ● Participate in meetings and training proposed. The tasks above are not exhaustive regarding the specificity of MSF and possible evolution that could occur over time through adaptation of the mission. Consequently, other tasks can be asked to allow the mission to function optimally. The deadline for submitting CVs is 11/02/2023.


● Bachelor's degree in social work (BSW). ● At least two years of experience. ● Experience with MSF or other NGOs desirable. ● Experience in working with migrant, refugee, and asylum-seeker population is an asset. ● Essential, local language; English desirable. ● Teamwork skills. ● Good communication skills. ● Able to work in multidisciplinary teams in multicultural contexts. ● Flexible and rigorous. ● Commitment.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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