Sales Expert (Bank)



Posted 12 days ago

Job Description

● Following up and carrying out all tasks assigned by superiors and senior officials of the organization. ● Following up on the requests announced from the bank headquarters and supervisors, etc. ● Planning and presenting an executive plan before doing the work. ● Preparing the required reports and presenting them to the higher authority of the unit. ● Receiving and answering internal and external letters. ● Planning and implementing the sales scenario. ● Studying the target markets and their related news. ● Identifying related exhibitions and events. ● Following up on current and future projects. ● Carrying out customer recruitment processes. ● Dealing with customer needs and complaints. ● Following up on contract signing, extension, and renewal. ● Controlling the status of banks (competitors). ● Customer monitoring at all levels. ● Cooperating and interacting with other organizational units.


● Proficient in writing reports and analyzing various data related to sales. ● Teamwork skills. ● Proficient in English. ● Experience in marketing. ● Proficient in face-to-face and telephone negotiation principles. ● Proficient in all documents and regulations compiled and approved by the organization in the field of bank activity. ● Getting to know the technologies of IPG, GSB, etc. ● Age range: 20 to 32 years old. ● Gender preference: Male/Female. ● At least a Bachelor's degree in Banking, Finance, Public Relations, Marketing, Commerce, or an MBA/E-Commerce graduate.

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