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Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Maintain and archive all files, papers, letters, reports, and other documents required by the IFS system.
● Set up the deputy executive office's correspondence dashboard and collect the necessary records.
● Proper administration and upkeep of the firm official documents, as well as private and classified documents.
● Respond to phone calls, emails, and in-person clients.
● Review colleagues' requests, mentoring them and directing them to the appropriate authority, as well as following up on the expert job allocated to the units.
● Coordinate with the support unit to carry out the office's current affairs (preparing tickets, hosting meetings, etc.).
● Create some of the administrative letters that have been issued.
● Referrals, reports, and other correspondence to IFS-related individuals, units, and companies.


● Bachelor’s degree in Humanities.
● 1 year of experience in human and administrative resources.
● Ability to archive paper and system information.
● Learn how to compose a variety of administrative letters.
● Time management skills.
● Follow-up skills.
● Fluent in Microsoft Office.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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