Quality Assurance Expert

Vatan Zarin Group Industries


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Design, implement, maintain, monitor, and improve quality management systems and organization processes. ● Provide on-time reports on the progress of projects related to the quality management system. ● Document the organization's processes and audit them. ● Design and compile executive methods, instructions, and forms related to the processes of the organization. ● Participate in internal audit and analysis of the obtained results and report them for management review. ● Analyze, diagnose and redesign the business processes of headquarters and branches. ● Create and compile comprehensive documentation of models, workflow charts, and work activity charts. ● Facilitate the implementation of executive procedures and principles in the organization with the cooperation of units. ● Handle organizational documents, including communicating, informing, updating, and ensuring their implementation. ● Regular reporting from all units of the organization and analysis and review of the current situation. ● Implement, maintain, and improve the Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 29001:2010, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. ● Collaborate on the diagnosis and improvement of existing organizational processes. ● Design, implement and analyze the business processes in order to mitigate waste of time and resources and increase productivity and efficiency. ● Prepare SOPs, procedures, and workflows. ● Diagnose the current state and analyze systems and processes.


● Familiarity with the principles and concepts of quality management systems. ● Familiar with Jira, Bizagi, and Visual Paradigms. ● Familiarity with the design and monitoring of quality management systems. ● At least 2 years of related experience. ● At least a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, or an MBA graduate. ● Process management and systems analysis knowledge. ● Familiarity with ISO standards. ● Familiarity with business process management tools and techniques (BPMN and etc.) ● Familiarity with business process frameworks like APQC. ● Time management skills.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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