Senior Internal Audit Manager

Savola Behshahr Company (SBC) Tehran

Posted a month ago

Job Description


  • Guide and help internal audit managers and assistant managers to ensure the accomplishment of their objectives and daily tasks in the most effective and efficient way.
  • Manage the departmental team in a way to utilize the resources in an efficient and economical manner as per the approved audit plan.
  • Participate in various committees/teams relating to different departments in order to support the development of new policies/procedures and bring improvements in the operations.

Budgets and Plans:

  • Assist the BG director in preparing and managing department budgets and team Management (TMS).
  • Report risk assessment and risk identification process and documentation to BG director.
  • Develop a risk-based annual internal audit plan by providing insights and updates on the BU risk environment.
  • Propose allocation for BU resources to the BG director of IA.
  • Plan and allocate the timing of each assignment as well as team members’ audit hours’ availability within the audit plan and submit for BG IA Director approval.

Policies, Systems, Processes and Procedures:

  • Review the established systems to ensure compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations that could have a significant impact on operations and report to the BG IA director.
  • Identify process changes using various techniques to weigh the impact and probability of risk factors according to their significance to the overall objectives of the process and evaluate separately the entity process risk scoring.
  • Monitor day-to-day basis the progress and rating of each project.
  • Develop internal audit procedures for BU.

Job Specific Accountability 1:

  • Individual IA assignments planning, executing, supervising, and reviewing financial/operational internal audit assignments.
  • Make written recommendations to process owners to increase the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the control systems of functions reviewed.
  • Review he control weaknesses and suggesting the required improvements.
  • Regular meetings with BLT members to ensure recommendations are well reviewed and are in action.

Job Specific Accountability 2:

  • Discuss and assist the BG director in reviewing audit findings as part of fieldwork for complex assignments.
  • Drive the implementation of necessary actions by obtaining the relevant commitments from management.

Job Specific Accountability 3:

  • Perform ad hoc investigations and reviews at the request of the SFC Head of IA and BG IA director.
  • Prepare comprehensive audit reports for different types of assignments and sharing them with the BG IA director for their review and necessary action.

Standards and Regulations:

  • Assist and discuss with the BG director to follow the standards of IPPF

Organization Structure:

  • Consider staff development needs - training, continuous professional development, and succession planning.
  • Assist the BG director in evaluating staff expertise in different areas to ensure maximum utilization.

Continuous Improvement:

Support BU management, BLT, and below lines, by:

  • Achieving the predefined departmental objectives.
  • Individual objectives, training, and development plans are in place for all direct reports.
  • Frequency of feedback and appraisal meetings.
  • Frequency of internal controls awareness training workshops.
  • Budgets and plans are prepared timely and accurately in line with the annual budget parameters and timescales.
  • Actual variance versus budget.
  • Compliance of the existing policies, plans, and procedures with the laws and regulations.
  • Feedback received from business owners.
  • Compliance with procedural and legislative requirements.
  • Individual objectives, training, and development plans are in place for all direct reports
  • Internal audit reports.
  • Improvements in different functions/departments.
  • Feedback received from management regarding the effectiveness of policies and procedures communications.
  • Efficiency of the IA plans and delivery of outputs.
  • Number and quality of reports in line with corporate expectations and implemented.
  • Relevant commitments made by management regarding the implementation of IA recommendations identified in issue-tracking reviews.
  • Sufficiency/completeness of working paper files archived for each assignment.
  • All reports are prepared timely and accurately and meet company policies and requirements.
  • Compliance with regulations and effective implementation of standards.
  • Organization structures are defined, approved, in place, and implemented.
  • Efficiency of the departments and delivery of outputs.
  • The number and quality of improvements are in line with corporate expectations and implemented.
  • Recommending ways to conform with HQ requirements and bridge identified gaps.

Process Universe:

  • Attend related workshops required to gain an understanding of the processes with concerned BLT members.
  • Identify process owners and provide insights into their role.
  • Review updated process universe on an annual basis and provide coaching and guidelines to the IA manager and IA assistant manager.
  • Rate identified processes based on different criteria as part of developing process universe.
  • Prepare draft process universe after incorporating all updates.

Process Prioritization:

  • Arrange a meeting with BLT members to discuss the significance of various processes on the BU level to understand their complexities in order to prioritize them based on the risk factors.

Development of Annual Audit Plan:

  • Based on available audit resources and proposed area of coverage develop a detailed time plan required to conduct the annual audit plan.
  • Contact BU GM and BLT members to get their feedback and concerns on the areas to be incorporated into the audit plan.
  • Review and analysis of the feedback and concerns received from BU BLT for IA BG director alignment.
  • Define audit objectives for all assignments included in the audit plan.

Execution of Annual Audit Plan:

  • Review and issue audit engagement commencement letters.
  • Conduct a kickoff meeting with the concerned BLT members and relevant process owners before the start-up of the audit engagement.
  • Oversight of the business understanding documentation process for BG-IA director alignment and approval.
  • Conduct a detailed risk assessment process.
  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of current controls to determine if those controls can truly mitigate the risks that can threaten the company.
  • Prepare audit program for the approval of BG IA director and design audit steps based on Business Process Understanding (BPU).
  • Review the audit samples to ensure adequacy, quality, and compliance with IA sampling criteria.
  • Validate identified audit issues and recommendations for BG IA director review.
  • Discuss audit findings and recommendations with the concerned BU BLT.
  • Develop meaningful and practical audit recommendations and guidance to clients with respect to improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes over their operations.
  • Prepare brief of identified audit gaps/matters for BG-IA director review before sharing draft report for management feedback and comments.
  • Arrange and conduct a wrap-up meeting with BLT and relevant process owners to discuss the audit findings and agree on management corrective actions.

Issue Tracking Program:

  • Review follow-up audit procedures to appraise the adequacy of the corrective action taken in order to improve deficient conditions.
  • Follow up with BU BLT to close all pending high matters on a monthly basis.
  • Validate corrective action and related documentation submitted by relevant process owners.
  • Review gap-wise aging reports for open and closed high matters.
  • Maintain audit automation and Electronic working paper system.
  • Review projects in EWP (Electronic Work Paper) as part of fieldwork made by the BU IA team.
  • Coach BU IA team members.
  • Ensure that all audit findings, exceptions, and proposed adjustments in working papers are adequately documented.
  • Ensure clearance of BG IA director coaching notes.


  • Perform Flash reviews and value addition tasks based on the directives of HQ/BG Head of IA.
  • Review the monthly sign-off information of the BU and report unusual deviations.
  • Prepare the Executive reports following the issuance of limited review audits for the review of the BG-IA director.
  • Report the risk profile of audit observations to the BG-IA director on a regular basis.
  • Review recap of identified issues/gaps on an annual basis classified by process owners/department.
  • Provide the BG IA director with a necessary summary of identified high matters following the issuance of an audit report.


  • PhD or a Master’s degree in Accounting, or Auditing. 
  • Professional certification in accounting or auditing e.g. CPA/CIA/ACCA/CIMA.
  • Willing to work under pressure.
  • Capability to understand the sensitivity of meeting tight reporting deadlines in international companies.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Excellent time management skills by understanding the importance of multiple-task management.
  • Excellent data analytical skills.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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