Gi LAN Operations Engineer (Vendor)



Posted 15 days ago

Job Description

  • To consult developing procedures for the SMC to handle common tasks.
  • To liaise with Regulatory and Incumbent Operators to ensure effective network operation for Gi LAN services.
  • To develop appropriate standards and practices for Gi LAN and ensure that they are documented, maintained, and applied to all services.
  • To prepare appropriate procedures for Gi LAN network availability and ensure for applying them.
  • To manage the difference in bandwidth utilization from the defined range
  • To manage to troubleshoot Gi LAN network problems quickly and provide second-line engineering solutions.
  • To define the procedures and manage the day-to-day operational function related to Edge Network equipment.
  • To manage appropriately operational procedures and functions relating to edge network DPI solutions To manage maintenance and support of the Internet/Intranet/IXP connection to provide the required availability for any service in the MTNIrancell network.
  • To manage interfacing with the internet provider and following all Internet/Intranet/IXP issues with MTNIrancell’s internet provider.
  • To manage the interface with service providers to provide and maintain Internet access for any MTNIrancell services like TDD, GPRS, 3G, LTE, corporate services, and any kind of services that need to have Internet access.
  • To manage and control Quality of Service (QoS) and high availability of IXP and Edge network.
  • To manage all changes in the Edge router and to obtain the best quality.
  • To observe DNS (domain name system) service performance and related solutions on Edge network to ensure customer optimum experience.
  • To deal with vendors and ensure their compliance and optimum performance of edge network.
  • To deal with Internet service providers and ensure maximum performance availability.
  • To build specifications for all Edge networks, DNS servers, and all related technology deployments.
  • To manage and maintain the day-to-day operational function relating to IPBB Core equipment and network.
  • To manage documentation of GI LAN databases and configurations in accordance with standards including but not limited to the following documents: Detailed Engineering Requirements, Detailed Reference Design, and Detailed Integration Test Plan documents.
  • To manage the operation of all Gi LAN network deployments and routes based on the defined procedure by operation subdivision.
  • To ensure the operation of all Gi LAN and Enterprise Operations changes with the minimum impact on a live network.
  • To ensure implementation of the operational defined procedures and policies for all Gi LAN networks.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Technology Systems (Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology) or related fields. 
  • Fluent in English.
  • At least 3 years of experience in an area of specialization; with experience in supervising/managing others; at least 3 years of operational experience.
  • Experience working in a medium to large organization.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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