Front-End Developer

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Posted 23 days ago

Job Description

● Determine the structure and design of web pages. ● Ensure user experience determines design choices. ● Develop features to enhance the user experience. ● Strike a balance between functional and aesthetic design. ● Ensure web design is optimized for smartphones. ● Build reusable code for future use. ● Optimize web pages for maximum speed and scalability. ● Utilize a variety of markup languages to write web pages. ● Maintain brand consistency throughout the design.


Required Technical Skills: ● Proficiency in Angular13+. ● Proficiency in JavaScript. ● Proficient in Angular Material. ● Familiar with SCSS/CSS. ● RestAPI (Know How to use API). ● Familiar with Git. Good to Know: ● Highcharts.js. ● OO Design Pattern. ** Candidates with any amount of experience are welcome for this position if interested.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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