Foreign Commercial Supervisor

Sahand Hydraulics


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Supervising relevant personnel. ● Monitoring the correct implementation of import-related processes including purchase, transportation, and financial and currency transactions. ● Conducting business correspondence in English. Monitoring and follow-up of incoming shipments through customs and logistics. ● Negotiating with foreign suppliers. ● Identifying and finding new foreign suppliers. ● Following up on purchase, transport, and receiving foreign orders at the appointed time. ● Doing other things related to import.


● At least five years of relevant work experience. ● Proficient in foreign business processes including import, international transportation, and financial transactions. ● Familiarity with the latest import rules and regulations and customs tariffs. ● Proficient in conducting business correspondence in English. ● Enough experience in customs and logistics. ● Ability to negotiate with external suppliers.

Employment Type

  • Full Time



Employment type

  • Full Time


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