Cyber Security Consultant



Posted 11 days ago

Job Description

● To deal with switching and routing activities of the IP Sec network. ● To deal with basic firewall setup and maintenance activities. ●To deal with firewalling connectivity issues and troubleshooting. ● To deal with zone creation and revocation. ● To deal with Access list creation/revocation. ● To tune the WAF solution to handle different types of web application cyberattacks. ● To monitor the functionality of different devices in the IP Sec network and take proper actions in case of an outage. ● To help the MTNI’s vendor with 2FA authentication and posture assessment troubleshooting. ● To troubleshoot certificate key exchange of remote access connectivity. ● To deal with the requirements of Edge Security services and integrate with all ITS solutions.


● Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, or a related field. ● Knowledge of networking (routing/switching/troubleshooting) – CCNA/CCNP certified specialists are preferable. ● Knowledge of monitoring, integration, maintenance, and management services including PxxG/Sxwinds. ● Familiar with FX solutions such as LTM, AWAF, and DNS. ● Knowledge of firewalling functionalities and familiarity with firewalling solutions including Jx/FxPower/FxGate.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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