CTO Assistant



Posted 14 days ago

Job Description

● Responsible for managing CTOs day to day operations and supporting the Tech Leadership team in achieving the highest operational efficiency. ● Responsible for developing and tactically implementing communications and information strategies for the technology vertical. ● Help create and own the systems, processes and tools for communicating both new and evergreen information to employees. ● Empower our employees to take ownership of their roles and make stronger decisions.


● 2 to 5 years of professional experience supporting C-Level executives in the IT industry. ● Experience in internal (employee-facing) communications, or an operational or people role that involves organizing large meetings and offsites. ● Exceptionally detail-oriented: A perfectionist who never lets anything fall through the cracks. Close every loop, spot every error, and look around corners to make sure every detail is perfect. ● Great communicator: Can communicate nuance effectively to anyone, and know-how to modify tone based on who you're speaking to. Whether it's in an email, over the phone, or in person. ● Know how to get things done through the ability to clearly and professionally express yourself. ● Experience making beautiful, professional slide decks that tell a compelling, tight story; high comfort level with PowerPoint and KeyNotes. ● Strong written and verbal communication skills in English; a knack for developing engaging content and simplifying complex concepts. ● Experience working cross-functionally with technical and non-technical people, and skilled at bringing people from different functions together to do great work. ● Strong storytelling skills; an innate understanding of the audience’s perspective, and an ability to clearly represent that perspective to leaders and content owners. This person can craft empathetic communications that land with targeted audiences and is an expert at energetic and engaging delivery.

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