Business Support Manager

Tose Teb Adrian Salamat


Posted a month ago

Job Description

● Create a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions for a business. ● Budgeting and forecasting. ● Planning and monitoring. ● Variance analysis. ● Reporting. ● Define business requirements and report them back to stakeholders. ● Work with the management team on fiscal strategic planning. ● Work in partnership with other management team members to ascertain and carry out needs of technical nature and precedence of the business. ● Support the budget, the auditing process, the training, and the coordination of projects.


● Expertise in the use of modern technologies. ● Ability to review the procedure for support and to pinpoint opportunities to develop the efficiency of the business. ● Effectiveness in time management and the organization of staff. ● Efficiency in communicating complex information to staff at different levels. ● Ability to handle sensitive business information. ● Work with regional SFE leads and teams to drive best practices in sales and marketing excellence. ● Demonstrate stepwise improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of regional sales resources. ● Sales incentives. ● Segmentation and targeting. ● Salesforce capabilities.

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