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استخدام در توسعه خدمات الکترونیک نارون

Towse Khadamat Electronic Narvan

About Towse Khadamat Electronic Narvan



Establishment Year:


ICT and Telecoms 

Company Size:

10-49 employees




Location of Towse Khadamat Electronic Narvan is not marked on the map.

About Company:

Narvan is a company in the field of telecommunications and banking value added services mainly based on mobile payment concepts. The company already serves 2 of telecom distributors of MTN in Iran for their electronic channels and expanding their market in VAS which is a new and young concept in Iran. The company's advantage is the young knowledgeable and experienced team in the telecom/banking and distribution industry. Narvan achieved considerable penetration in MTN customers in a few months of lunching an USSD based sales channel called '710-HAF'DAH' and recently supplied MTN sales channel with a fully secure flexible mobile APP to ease the sales process of the retail channel of the mobile operators. Narvan strategy is to serve different industries with VAS mainly based on mobile APP in the fields which requires combination of telecom and banking transactions that would ease the daily routines of customers. The target market is both B2B and B2C segments considering the wide range of planned products. The Narvan mission is to ease the process of customer services in different transaction based industries with creative, secure, and low cost solutions mainly based on mobile APP concepts.