About Spark Industrial Group


Establishment Year:



Oil and Gas Production, Oil Refining and Petrochemicals

Company Size:

50-99 employees


Tehran, Vanak


Location of Spark Industrial Group is not marked on the map.

About Company:

Kish Spark is a leading and well known brand in Iranian Oil and Gas market as a System Integrator providing high-tech communication and electronics services to Oil and Gas industry. Continues growth since establishment in 2003 has turned the company into a high demand target for young competent applicants who are aggressive to learn and progress however, getting into the team is not so easy... If you are looking to Learning advanced technologies in real-life sensitive operations in the middle of no-where --- Your heart beats for your country and love to support your nation, You are ready for a non-ending hard and competitive work, You know how to take that little further step and rap up things properly and get the job done, Then APPLY

Why work with us?

With us you have the opportunity to learn the most advanced technologies, learn how to make things better and how to work efficiently. We work and live in a very friendly yet serious environment. We care about each other and our hearts beat for what we do and who we are... If you succeed to be a part of our team, you'll be lucky to experience an amazing part of your career.