About Iran Fara Bourse



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Finance, Investment & Business Analysis

Company Size:

100-499 employees


Tehran, Tehran


بزرگراه حقانی- نرسیده به چهارراه جهان کودک- نبش خیابان دیدار شمالی- پلاک 1

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About Company:

A Leading financial company active in Iran capital market providing services for listing, operation and surveillance in capital market. Based on enactment of new Securities Law passed by the Islamic Parliament of Iran on November 2005, Iran Fara Bourse Securities Exchange (IFB) obtained approval of the high council of Exchange and Securities on September 3, 2007. IFB obtained license number 52946/121 from the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) an affiliate member of IOSCO. IFB was incorporated with registration number 332483 on November 12, 2008 as a Public Joint-Stock company. IFB transactions officially started on September 28, 2009. Iran Fara Bourse, one of the Iran capital markets entities, consists of 9 markets with different applications and rules with the aim of conducting liquidity and funding in order to contribute towards productive investment, efficient capital allocation, appropriate distribution of income and promoting transparency in the capital markets. Construction of efficient markets within the priority of high transparency, continuous liquidity and reliability in order to create a suitable financing environment by admitting, listing and securitization as our role in developing the Iranian economy. Also, IFB plays an important role in enhancing sustainable government financing through diversification of capital and transparency of firms. Among other responsibilities of IFB, there is promoting corporate governance and transparency, in line with the vetting process of the small & medium-sized enterprises be admitted in our market. Below is a list of IFB markets and related products that we currently serve.