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500 employees or more


Tehran, Tehran


شریعتی- بالاتر از ظفر- کوچه جم- پلاک 15

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About Company:

Since 2002, FERDOS KARAN OMID Co., (Ilia Steel) made a start to establish the plant to manufacture Sink, Built-In Stove, Oven, Hood, in the field of home appliances and also the imports associated with Stainless Steel Coils during the recent years with God’s favor, warden’s efficient struggle and managed to launch the well-equipped plant to manufacture Sink, Built-In Stove, Oven, Hood by making use of a backing of experience in many years and also the advanced technical knowledge in the industrial town of PARAND. FERDOS KARAN OMID Co., started to work applying the heads, engineers, and the skilled technicians in a land area 15000 square meters and its products were imported into the market by the brand ILIA STEEL and now it could be able to produce and supply the various products with the popular and desired quality as the harbingers of industry in producing Sink, Built-In Stove, Oven, Hood. Due to the possession of up to date and modern technology and also by applying the experienced cadre with the highest quality and the suitable price to supply, the plan of organizational development is founding and operating in a land area 30000 square meters. This company could be able from the beginning to now to produce and supply a wide range of home appliances in the different models, sizes, and dyes by using the state of art technology in the world and at present, this company produces Sink, Built-in Stove, Oven, Hood equivalent with the foreigner products by applying the own experienced experts. In order to achieve the own goals comprised of the high quality of products, creativity, innovation, and the customer orientation among the significant ones from the raw material such as BA304 with the high quality and the global standards which are imported by this collection directly from the American and European countries. The distinctions of Ilia Steel Sinks in contrast with other Sinks are the suitable welding and the basin depth. Other merits are using the full automatic European machinery with high precision in manufacturing, using the Italian fastenings in manufacturing the fantastic built-in Sinks, and the suitable packaging in products. The directing management of collection takes care of the customer’s satisfaction than selling the goods and thus it has given the priority to make acquiring for the customer’s requirement and supplying for it so that it has prevailed the precision in the manufacturing phases and the assurance in the qualitative control which gives the confidence to the consumers.